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Source India is ProTrade Inc’s proprietary global trade show cum BSM (Buyer Seller Meet) with a focus on cost effective promotion of Indian businesses and facilitate direct access to buyers in potential foreign markets. The objective of Source India is to create a global trade promotion platform for Indian business entities which can provide them easy access to growing markets across the world and lead to increase in their export growth. Successful trade promotion requires in-depth knowledge of markets, our proven approach, global network and project management expertise ensures great opportunity to both buyers & sellers to engage in business transactions.

Source India has a focused approach to reach prospects and customers which help Indian businesses to penetrate in new markets in the world in a most effective way. It enables businesses to identify demand in various countries and sectors based on intense in-house research. Deep knowledge base, effective research and resource capabilities of Source India help businesses to find right products and sectors around the world. Analysis frameworks used, identifies suitable trade exhibition for higher Indian business growth.

Exhibition segregated on the basis of sector also provides a great opportunity to businesses to advertise their products only to industry relevant buyers and create brand awareness. It is a great opportunity to meet, connect and build rapport with prospects and customers in a most economical way. Reliability of the exhibition can be authenticated by the engagement of trade bodies, chambers of commerce and government machinery.


Why Source India Platform

  • Research backed identification of countries and sectors ensures demand
  • Simplify research and assessment of new markets
  • Enabling easy entry in new markets with risk mitigation
  • Sectorial segregation to filter only industry relevant buyers
  • Fastest mode of new market penetration
  • Specially designed format to maintain low participation costs
  • Engagement of trade bodies and chambers of commerce and government machinery provides reliability


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Pro Trade – is a medium for companies to find high growth opportunities in & out of India and promote their products and services at trade platforms and new markets across the world. Our in-depth skills and expertise in Indian trade markets enables us to better understand the business environment and trade policies in the country. We continually evaluate different sectors and markets to find growth opportunities for a wide range of Businesses.

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